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Wetter the Better – why lube matters.

wetter the better why lube matters

Wetter the Better – why lube matters

I cannot live without lubricant! Wetter the Better.

Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration, I can live but definitely cannot have sex without lubricant!

Lubricant is a fantastic, sex-enhancing product specifically designed to increase slickness between moving body parts.

Some people have the erroneous idea that hot sex doesn’t need any help – that if you need lube, you must not be turned on.

This is simply not true.

There are so many factors that can influence how wet we are–including hormone levels, diet, age, pregnancy and stress–that contribute to how much natural wetness one’s body produces.

Lube is absolutely essential for a great hand job or anal play. In some community’s women try to dry their vagina which leads to all sorts of problems including tearing, which is not only painful but can lead to all sorts of infections and STDs.

When it comes to sex, the wetter the better!

Lubricants are made from various ingredients and come in many different formulas, textures, tastes, all for different occasions and preferences.  With the rand dollar exchange rate, cost is also becoming a factor.

Before you decide which lube is right for you, consider what you will be using it for:

The vast majority of the lubes we carry are water-based lubes. These include such well-known brands as Beauments, Pjur, Assagai, Joy and ID.

Water Based Lubes:

Water-based lubes are highly versatile, perfect for masturbation, internal, and external use. Because the first ingredient of a water-based lube is water, these lubes tend to irritate genital tissue less often than other types of lubes.

Another great plus of water-based lubes is they are compatible with virtually any material–latex, silicone, and cyberskin. Water-based lubes do have a tendency to dry-out, leaving the lubed area feeling tacky more quickly than silicone or oil-based lube. This can easily be remedied by adding a little water to the areas.

Many water-based lubes come in liquid, cream and gel formulas–liquid being the thinnest, cream in the middle and gels towards the thickest end of the spectrum. Some people prefer liquid lubricants, like Pjur.

For anal play, we especially recommend gels, such as Analyse Me. They are heavier and provide extra-slick protection for sensitive anal tissue.

Oil Based Lubes:

I’m not mad about an oil-based lubricant, mostly we’d recommend Coconut Oil. Its fun for male masturbation. While longer-lasting than water-based lubes, oil-based lubes can cause yeast-infections in some women and are not compatible with latex, including diaphragms and cervical caps that are made from rubber. Never use an oil-based lube with condoms, as oils will make condoms break in about 30 seconds.

Flavoured Lubricants:

Flavored lubricants, like Durex Lubes and Organic Earth are a blast for external use including oral sex, but can cause irritation for many women so we don’t recommend these lubes for internal use.

Silicone Lubes:

Silicone lubes, such as Pjur Original Bodyglide, provide extra slipperiness. I call it Liquid Gold! These lubes last a good, good, good long while. They’re an excellent choice for shower or toy play, as silicone lube stays slick in the water. They’re also odourless and almost tasteless. Clean-up can take a while but will wash off with concerted effort of warm water and soap.

Silicone lubes aren’t recommended for use with silicone or softskin/cyberskin toys, as a chemical reaction between materials is possible, but is safe with latex. Silicone lubes are also a good choice for anal play because of their staying power.

Many lubes contain Glycerine a natural sugar compound, often found in soap, which can make things slippery. Glycerine can also alter the pH balance of some people, so women who are prone to yeast infections and anyone who experiences genital sensitivity may want to stay away from lubes containing it. Read the label.


Pjur has a range of Vegan lubes. These lubes are chemical- and sugar-free, designed specifically to be genital and non-irritating. Its 100% certified organic ingredients.

If you’re unsure what will work for you ask the Lola Montez sales staff for a couple of samples or email me on [email protected].

Happy testing!




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Wetter the Better – why lube matters.

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Wetter the Better – why lube matters.