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The Fetish Sploshing


The Fetish: Sploshing

The Fetish Sploshing. From smearing cream all over each other’s bodies to a full-on food fight, sploshing’s all about having messy fun.

“Food fights and pie battles might seem bizarre, but they’re a great way to release sexual inhibitions and have childlike fun,” says Hayley Brown, spokesperson for

“For a woman who spends her life in a business suit worrying about her appearance to completely let go and behave like a messy kid with a man, rather than trying to impress him, is wonderfully liberating. And food can provide a fabulously squishy form of lubrication on your naked bodies when you slide around together.”

Vanilla Tip: Michelin Foreplay

  • Prepare an evening of erotic food-play with your lover.
  • To protect surfaces, lay down waterproof sheets on your bed or floor (Hayley recommends cheap shower curtains) and then
  • go to the supermarket together, but instead of regular shopping, look specifically for foods you’d like to rub on or lick off each other.

As you shop, whisper to your lover exactly what you’d like to do with that jam and where you want him to squirt that whipped cream.

By the time you hit the check-out, you’ll be gagging to get home and start dinner

“Covering each other in food means you spend time licking places you might never have paid attention to before,” says fetish model-turned photographer Zille Defeu (, “and you’re bound to find new erogenous zones along the way.”

We have listed Sploshing as a Fetish and chances are it could be your kink. Read our blog on the difference between Kink and Fetish – For kink it’s something you LIKE to do and for it to classify as a Fetish it’s something you HAVE to do.

We have some delicious lubricants available to lick with lust.

Try any of the

All these products are body safe and will not affect the vagina PH balance – be a bit more careful with foods.

Fetishes are unique and specific sexual interests or fixations on certain objects, body parts, or situations that may not be commonly discussed.

Here are 20 uncommon fetishes:

  1. Objectophilia: Attraction to inanimate objects, such as cars, buildings, or furniture.
  2. Symphorophilia: Sexual arousal from witnessing or imagining disasters or accidents.
  3. Trichophilia: Fetish for hair, especially hair in specific areas or in certain conditions.
  4. Mechanophilia: Attraction to machines or mechanical objects, such as robots or vehicles.
  5. Feederism: Arousal from feeding a partner or being fed, often to the point of significant weight gain.
  6. Formicophilia: Arousal from having small insects, such as ants, crawl on the body.
  7. Mucophilia: Fetish involving mucus or phlegm.

  8. Acrotomophilia: Sexual attraction to amputees or people with missing limbs.
  9. Nasophilia: Fetish for noses, including their shape, size, or even nostrils.
  10. Vorarephilia: Fantasy of being eaten or eating another person, usually in a non-lethal and consensual context.
  11. Spectrophilia: Attraction to ghosts or supernatural beings.
  12. Agalmatophilia: Fetish for statues, mannequins, or dolls.
  13. Sploshing: Arousal from wet and messy substances, like mud, food, or paint, being applied to the body.
  14. Stigmatophilia: Attraction to body modifications, such as tattoos, piercings, or scars.
  15. Balloon Fetishism (Looners): Arousal from balloons, including popping them or simply their presence.
  16. Mysophilia: Fetish for dirt, filth, or being dirty.

  17. Hierophilia: Sexual arousal from religious or sacred objects and symbols.
  18. Knismolagnia: Arousal from being tickled or tickling others.
  19. Autonepiophilia: Fetish involving role-playing as a baby, including wearing diapers and engaging in infantile behavior.
  20. Melissophilia: Sexual arousal from bees and bee stings.

These fetishes may seem unusual, but it’s important to understand that sexual interests are diverse. As with all fetishes and fantasies, consent and communication between all involved parties are paramount.


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The Fetish Sploshing

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The Fetish Sploshing