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The Fetish Robot Fantasy

fetish robot play

The Fetish Robot Fantasy

For robot fetishists, the idea of a mechanical-style sex partner is a wet dream come true.

“The idea seems to be that on some level, mentally or physically, the person or object of desire is artificial and programmable,” explains erotic robot enthusiast Edward Gore on the technosexuality pages of P-synd. com.

“Thinking that the mindset of the controlled can be made to fit that of a fantasy lover is seductive.”

Typical mechanical role-play might include using a clipped voice, adopting a robotic appearance, and responding to on/off commands. “The fun for the robot is in being servile,” adds Gates.

“For the robot’s master it’s getting what they want and being playful while doing it.”

Vanilla Tip

Push Buttons

  • Have fun playing robots by creating imaginary buttons on each other’s bodies and agreeing their functions in advance.
  • “The master can program the nipples to be buttons that activate certain behaviours,” says Gates.
  • For example, tweaking his left nipple means he has to kiss your neck,
  • whereas a tweak of his right means he has to go down on you;
  • while he’s down there, a stroke of his left ear could mean speed up, while stroking his right means slow down.
  • If only life could be this simple.

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The Fetish Robot Fantasy

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The Fetish Robot Fantasy