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The Fetish Giant Fantasy


The Fetish Giant Fantasy

As the name suggests, this form of power play features one partner pretending be a gigantic all-powerful creature presiding over their playmate, who in turn acts like a tiny helpless mite.

The appeal lies in the feelings of control and surrender, respectively. Katelyn Brooks is a 22-year-old ‘giantess’ based in the US, who runs her own site ( dedicated to the giantess fantasy.

She says, “Nothing gets me soaked faster than imagining I’m towering over a city. Some days I imagine discovering a shrunken town outside, where I force the villagers to sacrifice their lives to pleasure my pussy. Other times I want to be gentle, using a shrunken slave as a dildo.”

Vanilla Tip:

  • The Cock Skyscraper – Have your man lie face-up on the floor, then stand above him, either naked or in a short skirt, knickerless, so he has a tantalising view as you tower over him.
  • “Imagine his body is a tiny city and his cock the city’s pride – a towering skyscraper,” says Katelyn.
  • Have him coat your powerful feet with flavoured lube like Secret Play Strawberry and Cream Warming Lubricant, and then
  • ‘feel the city’ – massaging his chest with your feet, pinching his nipples between your toes, toying with his cock and slipping your toes into his mouth for him to suck.
  • “Then,” says Katelyn, “when you’re ready to violate the city further, slowly lower yourself onto the skyscraper.”

If you don’t know the difference between a kink and a fetish then read our blog about the subject.



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The Fetish Giant Fantasy

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The Fetish Giant Fantasy