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The Fetish Erotic Cannibalism

erotic cannibalism

The Fetish Erotic Cannibalism

The Fetish Erotic Cannibalism. With very rare exceptions (the kind that hit the headlines) erotic cannibalism doesn’t involve eating flesh but rather preparing it as if to be eaten.

This can take the form of basting a lover’s skin with oils, hog-tying them (securing their wrists to their ankles), ‘stuffing’ their orifices with fruits and vegetables (which may be eaten), and even placing them in a faux oven. Just be careful with the anus because what goes in doesn’t come out unless it has a handle or a flared base!

Photograph specialists

Mr and Mrs Muki, a husband and wife team who photograph erotic cannibalism scenarios professionally for their website, explain,

“For the ‘food’ there’s the feeling of being hungered for; for the ‘cannibal’ there’s the complete domination of his or her dish; for both there is the sensuous feeling of preparing the flesh, and the combining of two of life’s most sensual acts – eating and sex.”

Vanilla Tip

  • Make A Meal
  • Take turns being the cannibal and the food with your lover.
  • After deciding who wants to be the main dish, that person should then assume the position, naked, on your dining room table – hog-tying is optional. Check out our restratints in our Bondage section.
  • Next, play with different food preparation techniques: gag your dish by asking them to bite down on an apple and then gently brush honey over their skin with a basting brush, focusing on their nipples, inner thighs and neck. If you’re the meal, your partner can roll a condom onto the cucumber and use it as a dildo.
  • “The partner playing the chef should always remember to tell the dish how delicious they look,” advise the Mukis.
  • To finish, slowly lick away all the honey.
  • The genitals make a perfect dessert.

Kink and Fetish are often talked about in one sentence –

to understand the difference read all about the difference between the two.

Fetishes are unique and specific sexual interests or fixations on certain objects, body parts, or situations that may not be commonly discussed.

Here are 20 uncommon fetishes:

  1. Objectophilia: Attraction to inanimate objects, such as cars, buildings, or furniture.
  2. Symphorophilia: Sexual arousal from witnessing or imagining disasters or accidents.
  3. Trichophilia: Fetish for hair, especially hair in specific areas or in certain conditions.
  4. Mechanophilia: Attraction to machines or mechanical objects, such as robots or vehicles.
  5. Feederism: Arousal from feeding a partner or being fed, often to the point of significant weight gain.
  6. Formicophilia: Arousal from having small insects, such as ants, crawl on the body.
  7. Mucophilia: Fetish involving mucus or phlegm.

  8. Acrotomophilia: Sexual attraction to amputees or people with missing limbs.
  9. Nasophilia: Fetish for noses, including their shape, size, or even nostrils.
  10. Vorarephilia: Fantasy of being eaten or eating another person, usually in a non-lethal and consensual context.
  11. Spectrophilia: Attraction to ghosts or supernatural beings.
  12. Agalmatophilia: Fetish for statues, mannequins, or dolls.
  13. Sploshing: Arousal from wet and messy substances, like mud, food, or paint, being applied to the body.
  14. Stigmatophilia: Attraction to body modifications, such as tattoos, piercings, or scars.
  15. Balloon Fetishism (Looners): Arousal from balloons, including popping them or simply their presence.
  16. Mysophilia: Fetish for dirt, filth, or being dirty.

  17. Hierophilia: Sexual arousal from religious or sacred objects and symbols.
  18. Knismolagnia: Arousal from being tickling or tickling others.
  19. Autonepiophilia: Fetish involving role-playing as a baby, including wearing diapers and engaging in infantile behavior.
  20. Melissophilia: Sexual arousal from bees and bee stings.

These fetishes may seem unusual, but it’s important to understand that sexual interests are diverse. As with all fetishes and fantasies, consent and communication between all involved parties are paramount.


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The Fetish Erotic Cannibalism

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The Fetish Erotic Cannibalism