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The Fetish Electric Play

electric play

The Fetish Electric Play

Electric play involves using implements such as ‘violet wands’ (handheld devices with electrical current dials) to induce mild electric shock in a person for erotic purposes.

“It’s about sensation and pain as well as power control,” explains dominatrix Mistress S. “I get a power trip from watching a slave wriggle at just the slightest twist of a dial. However, there’s no substitute lying around the house that can be used safely,” she warns.

“Anyone wanting to try electric play should invest in proper equipment designed for the purpose, and read all the instructions and advice on it they can lay their hands on.” Extreme fetishists get their kit from, which sells a variety of approved electrical play equipment. But for the more vanilla approach, try this…

Vanilla Tip

Cock Shocker

  • “Vibrators can replicate elements of the sensation aspect of electric play,” says Mistress S.
  • “Use a multi-speed vibe on a low setting on his nipples, balls and cock to assess his reaction.
  • If he likes it, experiment with different speed settings.
  • For the most extreme reaction, when he’s really hard carefully pull back his foreskin and use the vibe on the very tip of his cock in short bursts, recreating the pulse settings on electro-stimulation devices.”
  • In between ‘shocks’, run the vibrator up and down his shaft.
  • He’ll soon have an electrifying orgasm.

Check out our range of electro shock toys. Available from Lola Montez.


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The Fetish Electric Play

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The Fetish Electric Play