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The Fetish Ballooning


The Fetish Ballooning

We’re not talking about flying high above the sky in a Balloon – we’re talking about the birthday party sort. I love the smell of balloons but I have to admit that the thought of them popping send shivers up my spine. But maybe that’s the point!

Balloon fetishists – sometimes known as looners – find balloons sexually appealing for various reasons, including their texture, smell and surface tension, and the thrill of popping them.

“Looners jerk off with balloons, fuck them in the nozzle and bounce on them while masturbating,” explains Katharine Gates in her book Deviant Desires (Juno).

“Couples can also ride balloons or press them between their bodies during sex.”

Vanilla Tip: Lubey Loon

This tip is bound to be popular with your man.

  • Buy a big balloon – the longer and wider the better –
  • and cut off the nozzle, then squirt lube inside, so that it fills up about a third of the way.
  • Next, stretch the lube-filled balloon over your man’s member and rub it up and down his shaft for his wettest hand-job ever.

He and his balloon will be bursting with excitement.

You can achieve a similar pleasure effect with a dental dam.

Please read our blog on the difference between kink and fetish – A kink is something you like to do while a fetish is something you need to do to be aroused.

Do check out all the lubricants we have available for your pleasure. For the balloon trick above maybe use a more affordable lubricant – try Assagai 


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The Fetish Ballooning

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The Fetish Ballooning