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Solo Pleasure

how to pleasure yourself

Solo Pleasure

Solo Pleasure! I recently saw a Lola Montez post from many years ago.

Sex is like a garage. Sometimes you get a full service, sometimes you have to ask for a service and sometimes you are happy with self service.

When it comes to self-service, we often shy away from talking about it because for hundreds of years it has been thought of a sin. I’m not going to even go there but if you want to debate it with me, I’d be happy to. Let me start by saying – it’s not.

It is a healthy alternative to very inappropriate sex.

This week I want to give you 5 mind blowing techniques for solo sex.

How many times have you been told to breathe? We know that breath can control our anxiety and has an impact on our over well-being. So, let’s start with breath. We tend to take quick and shallow breaths when we have sex.

Belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing can help you get more pleasure out of your sexual activities and can help you experience more intense orgasms.

In your next solo sex session, start with trying to focus on taking deep breaths to intensify your sensations.

Build pleasure slowly.

We often speed through a solo session. I don’t know if it is related to getting it over and done with before we get caught but let’s slow it down. Explore your genitals. So many of us have no idea how our tackle looks.

Get a mirror and have a good look at her. She can give you so much pleasure. Explore the layers of skin around the clitoris, labia and entrance to the vagina. This will build sexual tension by heightening sensations and sensitivity in this often-neglected area.

Try this technique Run your fingers along the skin between your inner labia (lips) and vagina entrance and caress the entire area from top to bottom starting at the vagina entrance and ending above the clitoris. Use a good lubricant. It changes the game.

Repeat this several times. Take your time and really feel the sensations.

Play with timing. Take your time to caress your whole body to slowly build arousal. Caress your body all over, leaving your vulva till last. Keep touching your body until you feel aroused. Change the speed and pressure of the caresses, making them more and more intense.

The long-term learning of this technique can be shared with a partner. Makes for really hot foreplay. When I think about it this is self-foreplay!

Stimulate multiple areas. One of the sexiest experiences I had in recent years was a water massage. You lie in a heated pool and three people touch you at the same time. When last were you massaged front and back at the same time? There was nothing sexual about this massage, but my goodness it was extremely pleasurable.

Explore the clitoral hood. Women are always surprised to see the clitoris looks like a mini penis with the hood looking very similar to a foreskin. The clitoris, like the penis swells when aroused. Start tapping around the clitoris to arouse the area.

Start at the sides, then the top of the clitoris from above without drawing back the skin of the clitoral hood yet.

Draw very small circles on both sides of the clitoris. Don’t touch the clitoris directly at this stage. Just play a little with the skin that covers it. With your other hand, open your labia so that the clitoris is a little more exposed and then pull the hood back a little, just like you would a foreskin. Now you will be able to see your clitoris in all her glory.

Try to circle the area with your thumb and forefinger and hold it very gently above the skin. With the clitoris supported between both fingers, move it up and down, sliding the skin to cover the clitoral glans on the way down and leaving it exposed on the way up. Repeat these movements several times vary the pressure and discover what is most comfortable and pleasurable to you.

Now you only have two hands so a toy might be just the business. You want to stimulate your entire genital area at the same time, clitoris, vagina entrance, vagina and maybe even your perineum and anus. There are toys that can stimulate all three at the same time. You may even want to throw in some nipple clamps or nipple vibrators. Sensory heaven.

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Solo Pleasure

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Solo Pleasure