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Retire your RABBIT with Lola Montez

How to dispose of sex toys

Retire your RABBIT with Lola Montez

Retire your RABBIT with Lola Montez. How to dispose of sex toys. There comes a time when your favourite adult toy needs to retire.

It may have died (RIP) after having spent many years giving you unbridled pleasure or maybe it’s just time for an upgrade. But what to do with faithful BOB (battery operated boyfriend).

Now you can: Retire your RABBIT

  • Bury him in the garden under an endanged species of plant so nobody will every dig it up.
  • Another option is to put it in the bin, put up a camera and watch the picker’s expression.
  • Or place it into a bag with the dog poop – it will eventually rear its head in landfill somewhere.
  • Or you could let us deal with it and you’ll even get a spend voucher for your upgrade.

There are a couple of rules:

  • So pay attention.
  • Remove the batteries
  • Ensure the toy is clean – and when you think it’s clean enough, clean it again – you actually have no idea what gets delivered.
  • Pack it up, any packaging will do.
  • You can either drop it off at the Hyde Park Corner shop (inside Health Works, level 2, near Pick n Pay) or in Sandton. Email us on [email protected] to arrange a drop.
  • Or for a small fee we will have it collected.

How do we dispose of sex toys?

Vibrators and sex toys are classed as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

This means they have to be disposed of properly/recycled using special facilities to ensure they don’t just end up at landfill or being incinerated. Yeah right!

First we check that you’ve removed the batteries, if not we remove them.

Batteries contain volatile chemicals like lithium, lead, sulfuric acid, and cadmium. Once batteries land in a landfill, these chemicals eventually seep out. They either are reabsorbed into the soil or run into rivers or streams from rain.

Either way, the chemicals going back into the Earth are terrible for the environment as it damages ecosystems, drinking water, plant life, and animal life.

That’s not counting the possibility that high temperatures can cause the batteries to combust into an uncontrolled fire. The moral of the story is


Next we strip the toy of motors and recycleable silicone or plastics.

If we cannot identify the materials or they are not recyclable we simply cut them up into chunks and dispose of them. It’s not ideal but there you have it.

Due to the nature and complex materials of the products careful consideration is taken into the disposal process and these products are treated as potential biohazard and are destroyed accordingly.

By treating this as infectious medical waste we can assure you that this is the safest and most discreet manner in which you can dispose of your unwanted adult toys.

We do our best to be sustainable and eco-friendly but it’s not always possible.

The worst case senario is we have disposed of your much loved toy without any embarrassment to you.

We encourage you to give your old toys to us to dispose of and will even give you a discount voucher to be used on your next purchase.

It’s a sad day when our sex toys no longer work. Nothing lasts forever, including sex toys.

For more information you can email us on [email protected]




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Retire your RABBIT with Lola Montez

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Retire your RABBIT with Lola Montez