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Promises by Fun Factory’s new Manta

Manta adult toy for men from Fun Factory

Promises by Fun Factory’s new Manta

‘Unexpectedly explosive orgasms’ promised by Fun Factory’s new Manta

Fun Factory has unveiled the Manta, its latest sex toy for men which promises ‘unexpectedly explosive orgasms’. The company says that while the female G-spot is well-known, men’s fun spots are now getting more attention – and Manta, with its G5 motor, specifically targets them.

“It is not for nothing that the frenulum or foreskin frenulum is also referred to as the man’s F-point, since the stimulation of this particularly erogenous zone can extremely intensify the male orgasm,” the company said. “The Manta can also be placed at the base of the penis shaft, combining the ultimate suction feeling of a tingling blowjob with stimulating vibrations.”

1400 Respondents

Fun Factory cites a representative survey of 1,400 respondents it conducted, in which 55% of men stated that they masturbate several times a week, and a whopping 77% use sex toys.

“This is an inspiring number that is also constantly increasing, and the sales figures in the industry also confirm a clear trend towards second toys,” the company said.

“For almost 44% of those surveyed, the main motivation for using it is that sex with a partner is ‘simply more fun’ and 36% of those surveyed also find the use of sex toys more fun when masturbating.”


You and your partner like to experiment and have fun? We’ve got a whole collection of toys that are great for that special surprise — or just everyday play and experimentation. You’ll find everything from our famous SHAREVIBE, the vibrator built for two, to the exciting little BE·ONE couples vibe that makes touching a completely new experience again.

There’s literally something for everyone — try them out one-by-one.

#1 Manta


MANTA is the ultimate FUN FACTORY men’s toy for couples. Flexible wings surround the penis and intensify powerful vibrations driven by a high-quality motor. MANTA is also an awesome blowjob toy. Put it around the base of the shaft to get that mind-blowing deep-throat feeling. Or use it while you’re having sex together, and — bam! — your penis is now a vibrator!


Close your eyes. Sit back. Enjoy. Masturbation is 100% pleasure, without compromise—or so people say. In practice, however, solo sex-as-usual is often missing something.

That something is now available with MANTA, our penis vibrator.

Its velvety, flexible wings give you next-level hand jobs and targeted stimulation of your most sensitive spots. And MANTA’s ridges grip onto lube, for a smooth glide throughout your whole session.

All that, plus powerful bass-tone vibrations, makes for unexpectedly explosive orgasms.




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Promises by Fun Factory’s new Manta

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Promises by Fun Factory’s new Manta