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Pleasure Party come back.

Pleasure party come back

Pleasure Party come back.

I did my first pleasure party in about 7 years this past week! I’d forgotten how much fun they can be, so thanks to the group of women who organized it.

A pleasure party is a bit like a Tupperware Party where all the product vibrates. They used to be huge when Lola Montez started out. In fact, sales at parties and Ladies’ Night used to account for about 30% of turnover.

We had a number of consultants who made good money doing direct sales and then suddenly it all changed.

An America Franchise entered the market flooding it with free parties, consultants and cheap toys, that cost a bomb. Everybody expected us to have free parties with no sales because they were ‘marketing’ our business. We have always charged for the party to ensure that the consultant was covered for her time and sales were not the driving force. It was always about education and entertainment.

I can never understand why anyone would expect me, an expert in my field, to turn up for free. Clients would be upset when I quoted and thought me rude when my retort was that you would pay more for a clown at a child’s party. So, we stopped.

Then the aforesaid company went up and left the country leaving their clients and consultants stranded. It took a lot of begging for me to think about throwing a party again and I’m so glad I did.

The venue was less than ideal but we bounced well and made a plan. The them was ‘I am responsible for my own orgasm!’ It was so enlightening. The group of women were in their late 20s so a completely new generation and their views on sex and pleasure so much more enlightened than 20 years ago.

They were all there to learn, have fun and update their toy box. This pleased me to no end.

I had received the brief earlier, so I knew what was expected. It started on time – Hallelujah!

We always start with a themed icebreaker questionnaire. Ten multiple choice questions with serious and silly answers. I don’t mark them but it’s incredibly interesting to watch how the guests approach them.

The A type personalities want to Google the answers and it’s always the quiet one who is the most interesting to watch. Did I mention I love my job!

The questions give me an opportunity to open the discussion and my best is when everyone participates and shares stories. It’s sometimes sad but always funny. It’s the kind of laugh that makes you feel like everything will be okay.

Next, I will talk about body parts, pleasure and adult toys.

For many women this is the very first time they will get to touch a vibrator. These days most people have seen them either in the Media, TV or Movies but few have had a feel.

Sometimes we get a guest who cannot bring herself to touch the toy. Thankfully this didn’t happen this time. I am always upset when someone makes it as if the toy is the most sinful thing they have ever seen. I’ve never gotten used to it. I want to shout out – why are you here?

I don’t try not to take offence and move on. I’m a professional after all.

If the crowd is extremely shy or conservative, I do an exercise that I do when I’m speaking to children. Everyone gets a piece of paper to write any question they want on it. No names, just questions. They are collected, shuffled and answered.

Because the process is anonymous, I get the most interesting questions asked. Sometimes I don’t know the answer. I then promise to find out. It’s usually the subject of a blog post which can then be read online.

I know that the women who attended the party had a fabulous time. I know they learnt a thing or two and that I made a difference and isn’t that what makes it all worthwhile?

If you’d like to organize a pleasure party, please email me on [email protected] for more information.

Maybe we can run a competition to win a party – let me know what you think






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Pleasure Party come back.

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Pleasure Party come back.