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Guybrator Pleasure

Guybrator Pleasure adult toy for men

Guybrator Pleasure

Not having a penis has its disadvantages.

For one it is very difficult for me to imagine what will be pleasurable for a penis owner!

I always suspect that it doesn’t need much to experience pleasure, but I may be way off the mark. I do think the penis is a lot simpler to manage than a vulva and a clitoris, but then we have to also consider the driver of the appendage.

At the Sex Expo held this past October I was struck by how little there is available for this particular pleasure object.

Yes there are penis sleeves, pumps and masturbators like Fleshlights and Bathmate but there hasn’t been anything exciting on the market for ages.

I don’t know too many South African men who are keen to explore anal sex, so the prostate massagers are available but not popular.

A while ago a brand called Hot Octopus launched the ‘Guybrator’. It’s a vibrator for guys, in particular the penis. Did I just hear you all yell YAY!

This adult toy is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s not stronger or tighter. It’s not even more intense than other toys because it is a completely different and new sensation.

For those of you who have sneaked into your girlfriend’s toy cupboard and used her vibe on your penis will know that when you hold a standard vibrator to the base of or underneath the head of the penis, it will vibrate and give you a tingling buzzing sensation.

The Hot Octopus Pulse uses a patented PulsePlate technology. This technology delivers a high-amplitude oscillation. This is unlike any other toy available. It has a deep, rumbling feeling that throbs through the head and shaft. It even kick starts the perinium. It comes in a Solo or Duo version, but I think you can use both for solo and couple play.

Check out this video

I have a client who is wheelchair bound. I call him Hot Wheels because he is so sexy. He had an accident which has left him completely paralyzed from the waist down. The reason I’m telling you about him is that he swears by the Pulse.

This machine can be used on a flaccid penis.

Other male adult toys usually need an erection to get started. Not so with Pulse. It makes this the perfect toy for men and couples who are experiencing erectile issues. For more on this subject please read last week’s #sexcolumn.

The stimulation from the oscillating vibrations on the penis assists with getting hard while you’re in the toy. The penis will swell gradually during which time pleasure will be had.

Another reason Hot Wheels loves it so much is that it can be used hands free. It is a great toy for men with limited mobility. This patented technology behind this toy was designed to induce orgasms in men with spinal injuries.

It’s a far sexier looking piece of kit than a medical device. It induces deep and unique orgasms at the push of a button.

How it fits. It looks a bit like a shell with silicone wings. These wings wrap around the penis holding the PulsePlate tight against the frenulum. For those who don’t know the naming of parts, it’s the super sensitive spot at the base of the penis head (where the foreskin joins the shaft.) The control buttons are on the side making it very easy to drive.

It has different levels of vibration and strength.

My favourite sexual accessory is lubricant. Everyone should use it all of the time but you can use the Guybrator without any lube.

Without lube this toy will wrap tightly in place and keep the PulsePlate exactly where you want it. For a different sensation a little lube can turn the toy into a more active experience. Then you can use it like a traditional masturbator,

The Guybrator is rechargeable, waterproof, and easy to clean. You can charge it using a standard USB port. There is no having flat batteries on the short strokes. Cleaning is also a breeze. All you have to do is hold it under the tap. Obviously, this baby can be used in the shower and then cleaned straight away no fuss and no bother. It doesn’t have to be powdered or air dried.

There is nothing flimsy about this toy. It is a fantastic addition to any sex toy collection.

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Guybrator Pleasure

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Guybrator Pleasure