Guybrator Pleasure

Guybrator Pleasure adult toy for men

Guybrator Pleasure Not having a penis has its disadvantages. For one it is very difficult for me to imagine what will be pleasurable for a penis owner! I always suspect that it doesn’t need much to experience pleasure, but I may be way off the mark. I do think the penis is a lot simpler […]

Love yourself first.

love yourself first

Love Yourself First It’s February already! The Month of Love and before you break out in hives and worry about the status of you love life, today is not about that. I don’t believe that you can have a successful relationship with anyone when you are at war with yourself. So instead of obsessing about […]

Managing long distance relationships.

how to manage long distance relationships - use toys

Managing Long Distance Relationships As you may or may not know my partner and I do not live together, and we’ve been together for over 21 years and still going strong. In the early days we thought it would be a good idea to live under the same roof, but it wasn’t – so he […]

XBIZ Pleasure Product Awards 2024

Adult Industry winners as selected by XBIZ

XBIZ Pleasure Product Awards 2024 Every year the adult industry awards leaders in the industry on excelllence. These are the winners for pleasure products in 2024. PLEASURE PRODUCTS Pleasure Products Company of the Year — Full Range CalExotics Luxury Pleasure Product/Line of the Year Vesper 2, Crave Luxury Brand of the Year Shunga Sex Toy […]

Celebrating Threesomes.

Celebrating threesomes and the rules

Celebrating Threesomes Last week the sexual health community celebrated Threesome Day. Imagine it is so popular that it has a day dedicated to it. Now let me say upfront that I am too insecure and jealous to even consider it with my partner, but I have to admit that in my fertile fantasy mind it […]

Top Tips on ‘How to talk dirty’.

7 Top tips on how to talk dirty

I’ve recently spent a lot of time out of my normal environment. It’s been challenging to balance all the balls including not taking my partner for granted. When I take on a new challenge it consumes me and there is very little time for anything or anyone else. One thing that remains important is maintaining […]

10 Steps to Revive Intimacy.

10 steps to revive intimacy in your relationship

10 Steps to Reviving Intimacy in your Relationship We spend so much time talking about sex, the actual physical nuts and bolts of it. These days with swiping left or right and hook ups we barely have time to decide if the person we are hooking up with is suitable to have a conversation with, […]

The Importance of being Clitoris.

the clitoris our pleasure button

The Importance of being Clitoris. If there is one thing, I want everyone to know is the importance of the clitoris. During sex education at school, we go from basic anatomy to diseases and rape. We never ever mention the clitoris and its importance. Where is the pleasure lecture? The first comprehensive anatomical study of […]

From Sex shops to Supermarkets.

from sex shop to supermarket

From Sex Shops to Supermarkets Not long ago I wrote a column on how irritated I am about how people perceive shops like Lola Montez in Hyde Park and a colleague’s shop in Pretoria called Pure Plesier. I know I’m always bleating on about how we should normalize talking about sex and adult toys because […]

Penises are Growing.

Penises are growing in size

Penises are Growing Earlier this week we were talking about last week’s column about innies and outies and my outrage about body shaming, when one of the trainers pointed out that penis size is also a ‘huge’ issue. Every woman in the gym burst out laughing and it came as a ‘bigger’ shock to those […]