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7 Top Tips How to Talk Dirty.

top tips on dirty talking


  • Top Tip 1

It’s empowering and fun.

You know you want to, you know it turns you on, you know that one dirty word that makes him want to explode! Only you can’t say the words! You’re not that kind of person! Well get over yourself and have some fun!

Learning to talk dirty is empowering, sexy and fun but it takes practice and the best thing is that you do not have to use one filthy word to do it.

  • Top Tip 2

There are three ways to talk dirty –

  • Encouragement: – ‘Oh my you are such a big boy! You’re such a dirty girl!’
  • Erotic Instruction: – ‘Deeper, take me deeper! Ride me baby – ride me!’
  • Fantasies: ‘ Your library books are late, you will have to pay a fine!”


  • Top Tip 3

What turns you on?

The best place to start is to think about what it is that turns you on – do you like to watch? Always wanted to be the wonton librarian? Well that’s a place to start.

Now you have to find your voice. You have to say the words aloud.

  • Top Tip 4

Start alone!

It gives you a chance to laugh at yourself and change the inflections in your voice until it works.

You need to get used to saying them so when you whip them out in a moment of passion – your partner is not the only one who is shocked!

Words to practice on your own:

  • Do you want me?
  • I want you
  • Do you like this
  • Oh I love it when you …
  • Harder
  • Big! – Mrs Big DOES NOT work!


  • Top Tip 5

Try to establish what turns your partner on

Sex in a public place, you can try: ‘What if someone sees us?’  –

Always had a thing for a teacher – ‘You’ve been so bad! I am going to have to spank you!’

Work on scenarios and speaking them.


  • Top Tip 6

Spice up your imagination.

If your imagination is having trouble- read an erotic book or magazine, watch a porn movie. Call a phone sex line, expensive but all in the name of research!

See which words or scenarios work for you.

This may seem really embarrassing at first but when it is said in the throw of passion, it is an instant way to heat up the situation.


  • Top Tip 7

What not to say!

A word to the wise – do not ever mention friends, family members, neighbours or the dog.

Why not is a whole different discussion!



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7 Top Tips How to Talk Dirty.

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7 Top Tips How to Talk Dirty.