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16 Things you should know about Kegels.

16 things you should know about vagina balls

16 Things you should know about Kegels.

When last did you skip, jump or just laugh out loud? How did that go for you? Is sneezing in public becoming a danger zone? Chances are that you have lost control of your bladder and your PC or Kegel muscles.

Kegel Muscles extend from the pubic bone in the front to your coccyx at the back and support the bladder, uterus and bowel. They weaken through childbirth, lack of use, surgery or age. Men also have this muscle. It is responsible for maintaining an erection, so you can see the value in maintaining it.

These muscles were named by Dr Arnold H Kegel, who was looking for a non-surgical method for achieving genital relaxation.

Tantra practitioners use the Kegel Muscles to exercise control and explore sensuality. Control increases pleasure during sex.

Have you ever heard of edging? It’s when you play to the point of orgasm but then pull it back to increase desire.

We all know the saying ‘if you don’t use it you lose it!’ It is particularly true for muscles especially after 40. This muscle can be exercised without thinking about it during penetrative sex. It is true that women who have sex regularly have much stronger Kegel muscles.

If you are not having regular sex, you can exercise these muscles in a couple of ways. You need to isolate the muscle and the easiest way to do this is to stop your urine flow. Feel which muscles you are using to do this – this is the one you are looking for and need to exercise by doing ‘crunches’ – the more the better. Sitting in traffic is the perfect gym for this activity.

Or you can use an exercise machine in the form of Benwa or Vagina Balls. Also known as Kegel Balls. Every woman should have a pair. They come in a variety of sizes and weights. In the old days – even before me, the were made of Jade or various stone. Today we have a large variety of silicone balls available.

Benwa Balls were originally two separate balls manufactured from metal or ivory and used to increase male pleasure during intercourse. Strengthening female genitalia was never on the agenda!

In ancient Asia (500 AD) Benwa Balls were known as Rin No Tama, which translates as Tinkling Bells. Today we call them Kegel Ball or Vagina Balls – to see the variety of kegel Balls we stock at Lola Montez – Click Here

In recent years these Balls have been medically endorsed as a Kegel Muscle exercising device. Simply put they are dumbbells for your vagina. Insert them with the help of a drop of lubricant if necessary and go about your business.

They are not going to work if you lie on the couch.

For extra effectiveness you can tighten and strengthen your Kegel Muscles through Kegel exercises while you use your Benwa Balls.

Benwa Balls, Kegel Balls, Vagina or Love Balls are all versions of the same thing.

Single, duo with or without a tug cord, they are inserted into the vagina like a tampon. We have a variety available in store or online at Lola Montez.

The balls are weighted and as such stimulate, massage and train the pelvic muscles making them the sexiest exercise device ever. You do have to wear them regularly. You don’t go to the gym once and expect to be firm and ready for a marathon the next day. It’s the same here. We recommend using them at least 2 hours a day, at least 3 times a week. The more the merrier.

In Fifty Shades of Grey – the first book, Christian gives Anastasia a pair of silver balls to wear. You can imagine what that did for sales. So besides being a medical devise they are so sexy to incorporate in play. Wear them to dinner and casually suggest a play.

Want to use your Benwa Balls for extra pleasure: Insert them into the vagina while you have anal sex or attach a bullet vibrator to the tug cord.

You can test the strength of your Kegel Muscles by doing the tug test. Clamp your Kegel Muscles as tightly as you can and pull in the tug cord. The tighter your muscles the more difficult it will be to extract.

A word to the wise, always wear them with panties or better still tight trousers. If your muscles are not as tight as they should be those balls have a way of sliding out! Them slipping down your leg into the isle at your supermarket is just not sexy!

If the string breaks off while you are extracting them – don’t panic! They cannot go further than your cervix. Try to relax. Sit on the loo and bear down. They will pop out. Promise.

As mentioned, if you don’t know where your Kegel Muscles are? Next time you go to the loo, stop your urine stream and hold, identify the muscles you are using. That’s them.

Regular use of Kegel Balls will see a noticeable improvement in your Kegel Muscle strength within 5 weeks. No more random leakage. I have to stress that you have to be religious about this exercising otherwise you’re heading towards invasive surgery or panty liners.

Pregnant women are advised to strengthen their Kegel Muscles to prepare the pelvic floor for the stress the body is going to encounter is the final stage of pregnancy and during childbirth.

Why do you want them to be strong?

Your orgasm will be far more explosive and more importantly, when you get old you won’t pee in your pants when you skip, laugh or sneeze. It’s just not sexy!



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16 Things you should know about Kegels.

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16 Things you should know about Kegels.