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100 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

100 date night ideas

100 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that lovers everywhere will be on the lookout for unique and sexy date ideas.

In the light of full disclose these are not my ideas. They’re taken from an article I read years ago. Some are more fun than others.

Here are 100 date activities that will strengthen your bond and reignite your passion:

  1. Go ice-skating – Northgate still has a ring.
  2. Take a pottery class.
  3. Challenge your date to a round of pool.
  4. Take a hot-air balloon ride.
  5. Take a tandem-bike ride.
  6. Go to a dog or cat show.
  7. Go to the zoo.
  8. Play a game at a local arcade.
  9. Make snow angels – clearly from the global North, lets say Beach angel!
  10. Play tag in your backyard.
  11. Go golfing.
  12. Check out a wine tasting.
  13. Go to an art fair.
  14. Go bowling.
  15. Listen to live jazz.
  16. Take salsa lessons.
  17. Go to the symphony.
  18. Attend a trivia night at your local bar.
  19. Check out a rugby game.
  20. Check into a local hotel.
  21. Throw darts.
  22. Play tennis.
  23. Have a potato-sack race.
  24. Go to an amusement park.
  25. Check out a soccer game.
  26. See a show at the theater.
  27. Cook a fancy meal together.
  28. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  29. Ride go-karts.
  30. Play on the monkey bars at the park.
  31. Go to a book shop and leave kind note for strangers.
  32. Go to a science or history museum.
  33. Look at the stars through a telescope.
  34. Go to a drive-in movie.
  35. Visit your favorite bookstore.
  36. Play slots at a local casino.
  37. Go to a garden show.
  38. Take part in murder-mystery dinner theater.
  39. Go to a magic act.
  40. Play hide-and-seek.
  41. Go for a walk , somehwere safe this is South Africa after all.
  42. Play strip Scrabble.
  43. Donate your time at a local shelter.
  44. Go bungee jumping.
  45. Check out some open houses.
  46. Share a big banana split.
  47. Go to a haunted house.
  48. Visit garage sales.
  49. Take a hip-hop dance class.
  50. Go to a petting zoo.
  51. Get massages.
  52. Rent kayaks.
  53. Go camping.
  54. Visit a winery.
  55. Go to an aquarium.
  56. Play Frisbee.
  57. Play Marco Polo.
  58. Play Twister (clothes optional).
  59. Play laser tag.
  60. Go to a comedy show.
  61. Pack a picnic.
  62. Take a cooking class.
  63. Sample sushi and sake around town.
  64. Bake cookies.
  65. Go to an orchard.
  66. Buy lingerie together.
  67. Do strip teases for each other.
  68. Ride a Ferris wheel.
  69. Take a karate class together.
  70. Go for a horseback ride.
  71. Play mini-golf.
  72. Check out a local racetrack.
  73. Go to a local film fest.
  74. Have high tea or martinis at a fancy hotel.
  75. Have a silly or sexy photo shoot.
  76. Take a trapeze class.
  77. Go to a block party.
  78. Try out an indoor rock-climbing wall.
  79. Go to a water park.
  80. Take an improv acting class.
  81. Take a foreign-language class.
  82. Play one-on-one basketball.
  83. Go toy shopping and donate to a local children’s hospital.
  84. Go skydiving.
  85. Plant a garden (indoor or outdoor).
  86. Take scuba lessons.
  87. Fly kites.
  88. Go to a concert.
  89. Play paintball.
  90. Take a massage class.
  91. Go for a dinner cruise.
  92. Audition for a local theater production.
  93. Go jogging.
  94. Shop for antiques.
  95. Go skiing.
  96. Have a snowball fight.
  97. Go to a poetry reading.
  98. Watch erotica.
  99. Have your fortunes told.
  100. Have sex!!!

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100 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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100 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas