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10 Reasons to buy a Sex Toy

10 reasons to buy an adult toy

10 reasons to buy a SEX TOY – instead of going out for dinner.

Pleasure lasts longer – for those of you who don’t know a sex toy is a wonderful wing man. It adds a huge amount of fun to foreplay. You can use it on yourself and on your partner and you can use it together. You can even gett an APP enabled one and operate it from another room or country!

No chance of getting food poisoning – As funny as that sounds, nothing kills a night of passion like cramps. Food poisoning can be caused by bacteria, so can infections so always practice safe sex. It’s another plus about sex toys, clean them properly and you’ll never get an STD.

Politics won’t come up – With a bit of luck there will only be one thing coming up and it can be harnessed with a penis ring to ensure maximum pleasure for everyone involved.

Don’t need to leave the house – Winner – especially with traffic lights not working and lunatics on the road. If you purchase your sex toys from Lola Montez, they will be delivered straight to your door. It would be fun to shop online together.

It’s healthier – Healthier than drinking yourself inot a coma and a lot less expensive. We also know that orgasms are good for you and with a sex toy they are easier to come by.

Less chance of a fight – With great sex on your mind, fighting should be the last thing you think about. You might argue about who’s turn it is – but not fight.

Guaranteed an orgasm – Okay nothing is a guarantee, but You’ll get a hell of a lot closer with the help of a sex toy.

You can use it again tomorrow, next week or even next year – These days adult toys are made to last. There are some that are disposable but most are long term investments inot your sexual health. Make sure you clean and store your toys properly. This will ensure years of pleasure.

It’s not boring – You have to admit that you’ve never thought of anyone who owns sex toys as being boring. We’re fun loving, healthy and incredibly sexy!

Keeps us in business! – The best reason of all for all of us at Lola Montez. It pays my bond, school fees and everything else I need to survive. I honestly believe that what we do is more than just about selling sex toys. We educate, teach and normalise sex. We make sure that pleasure is spoken about.

You’ll learn something – Take a look at how we stay in business but more importantly you’ll learn something about yourself and your partner. What you like and what you don’t. YOu’ll learn how to explore pleasure and where you can take it.

You’ll have a laugh. Sex is not meant to be serious all the time. We’d love to hear all about the funny incidents you’ve had with your toys or while having sex. I have one about a remote egg and a wedding!



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10 Reasons to buy a Sex Toy

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10 Reasons to buy a Sex Toy